Geckodrive Set 1x Driver G210X + 1x Schrittmotor 2.2Nm 57mm

The G210X is the newest stepper drive from Geckodrive and is a drop-in replacement for the G210; at its core is a G201X and a G901X step pulse multiplier, allowing for full step, half step, 5 microstep and 10 microstep resolution. It is built around our already proven CPLD design similar to the G203V and the G320X. The G210X adds many new features and is an excellent successor to the original G210.

Exim Motor Step motor

     - 2,2Nm
     - 4 Amp
     - 57 mm
     - 2 Phase Hybrid
     - 110mm Long
     - 1,8


1x Schrittmotordriver Geckodrive G210X
1x Schrittmotor Exim 2,2Nm

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